Terms and Conditions

Rules and conditions

Persons under 21 years are forbidden to participate.

Administration Fresh Spring reserves the right to refuse in registration and funds acceptance from the investor without giving any explanation.

All operations at the company`s website are confidential and available only for the registered users.

It is forbidden to use someone else`s account.

It is forbidden to create more than one account.

Information about ongoing investments and payments is closed.

For violations of the participation rules and conditions, Administration reserves the right to apply the appropriate measures to safeguard investors interest groups.

Fresh Spring Administration Responsibilities

Administration undertakes not to disclose provided by the investor personal information to the third parties.

Administration undertakes to provide users with quality services: the resource functionality, qualified support, assistance related to the project work.

Administration reserves the right to make changes to this agreement unilaterally and undertakes to inform investors about such changes.

The investor of Fresh Spring has the right

To inform other persons to attract them.

Send to Administration own wishes and feedback to improve the service.

To require from the company Fresh Spring to meet the terms of the present agreement.

Investment income and charges terms

After being registered, the investor is obliged to specify the payment systems wallets in the settings of own account.

Investor is obliged to provide reliable payment requisites.

Minimum investment amount is $50.

Maximum investment amount is $50 000.

Investor has the right to have an unlimited number of deposits.

Investor is forbidden to register several accounts.

Partner program terms

Investor has the right to use advantages of the partner program only after being registered on the website of the company Fresh Spring.

Partner fee is charged automatically to the balance of the Investor`s account.

Investor is forbidden to create several accounts in order to obtain an affiliate profits at the expense of own deposits. "Freezing" of all accounts with blocking of balances is provided for this violation.

Responsibility of the parties

Fresh Spring is not responsible for incorrectly completed payment details by an Investor.

Fresh Spring is not responsible for errors or failures in the payment systems.

Fresh Spring is not responsible for any losses suffered by the investor as a result of the Company`s website use.